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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Remember the Trees is all about.

Remember The Trees is dedicated to demonstrate the beauty found inside trees that are very unpopular such as Box Elder, Buckthorn, and Russian Olive to name a few. These trees grow along farmers fields in fence rows. They are very difficult to control or get rid of because they grow like weeds. When a farmer cuts down a Box Elder & if he doesn’t also dig up the root, then by the next year he will find many little trees growing around the stump that he left in the ground. The Buckthorn is an invasive tree & the forestry tries to kill as many of this tree as they can because if left alone it creates a canopy that kills other native trees. When Buckthorn is allowed to mature it creates a small berry that birds spread in their droppings. The Russian Olive has taken over much of the plains states. There are also many other trees that are weed like in there growth. I like to find the beauty in them and turn an art piece that shows that beauty. I also turn many burls. A burl is a growth on a tree very much like a cancer, although it usually doesn't hurt the tree.

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